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Month: December 2015

Travel Abroad Update: 1

Recently I have been accepted into the ‘3rd Semester in Spain’ and ‘Engaging Europe’ programs this summer. Of course I plan on doing both, which is quite overwhelming to me. There is a 3 day gap in between both programs which I have no idea what I am going to do, the options are endless. I end my Spain program in Seville, Spain and the next program starts in Nuremberg, Germany. Since I love the outdoors, and mountains in particular, I think I want to go to the Alps, and maybe even snowboard in Zermatt which is known for summer skiing and also as one of the best ski resorts in the world. Another option would be to take a train south to Algeciras, Spain and ferry to Morocco, although this one is a bit too much and there isn’t enough time, it would still be very cool. But like I said, the options are endless. Even more recently, like yesterday, my dad has decided to go back to his home town in Mesquite, Sinaloa, Mexico for the holidays and my mom didn’t want him to go alone, so she asked me. I instantly responded with a yes with no hesitation. This would be my first international experience that I can actually remember (I went to Mexico twice when I was 6 and 8 and I only remember a few moments). I may not be doing a lot of touristy activities because I will spend most of my time in a small city and on a small farm in Northern Sinaloa. However, this would be perfect time to gain experience traveling internationally, and also to dive even further into the Mexican culture. Oh and I can’t forget about getting my first stamp in my passport!

Francophone World

Dr. Edward Berenson Professor of History and Director of the Institute of French Studies – New York University “The Transfer and Transformation of Culture: France and the United States”

Last month I attended Dr. Edward Berenson’s lecture over the transformation of culture between France and the United States. This lecture was particularly compelling because it was right after the incident in Paris. I learned one of the reason why ISIS chose Paris, as it is because Paris is known as the city light, love and music. Although it wasn’t exactly around my area of knowledge, learning about the transformation of music, in particular, the transformation of jazz in Europe and how it characterized music in Europe forever was very interesting. Fact: I don’t know much about music in Europe, or jazz in general, but learning about how such small differences in counts represent totally different styles of music was different and intriguing. After WWII, African Americans who were in the war decided to stay in Europe, mainly France because of the sense of welcoming there. There was a friendly and compelling vibe in France around that time as African Americans were welcomed. At first, the music in France was ragtime, but as African Americans experimented with it, it turned into Jazz. Over time, just by the beats and rhythms of the song it changed from “negro jazz” to “classical jazz” to “hot jazz” and finally to “straight jazz”. However, to me, these sound similar, but to musicians they are very different. Although I didn’t exactly understand the differences, it was still an interesting international event that I can apply when I travel to Europe this summer.

Soccer, Sex and Scandal in Brazil

Don Kulick discusses the evolution of sexuality in Brazil displayed through a scandal of a soccer player and a transgender prostitute.

Last month I attended Don Kulick’s lecture over the scandal of Ronaldo, a famous Brazilian soccer player, who was caught hiring three transgender prostitutes, known as “travesties”.

Ronaldo was looked up by many. He was known in Brazil and much of the world as “the phenomenon”,  and also for being one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

One night, Ronaldo hired 3 prostitutes whom were travesties, or males who identified themselves as females. Once the travesties discovered he was ‘the Ronaldo’, they demanded $30,000 instead of $600. Ronaldo refused and that is when Andréia Albertini made a scene and the police were called. Ronaldo lied to the police to cover up true the story, but because of the bravery of Andréia Albertini, the true story unfolded. The big controversy over this scandal isn’t because he hired prostitutes to have sex with, which in brazil is legal, it is that he hired travesties, or another man, which raised questions on his sexuality.

In Brazil it is very common for these travesties to not have a sex change, in contrast with the United States. When Ronaldo was being questioned, he said that he did not know that they were travesties, but in Brazil, travesties were very noticeable by their voice, looks, and the way they dress. However, this should not define Ronaldo. But despite everything and everyone against him, he returned to soccer and finished career and will forever be known as one of the greatest soccer players.

OU Cousins

This semester I had the opportunity to participate in the organization OU cousins. This organization was built to help other international students adapt easier to the university life in Oklahoma and develop a friendship that they can rely on when they feel lost or left out. For those who don’t know what OU cousins is, you find an international student with similar interests, or different if you really want to learn about a different culture, and you help guide them into the American culture. Throughout the semester or year, you and your cousin will be encouraged to get together to go do American activities to help them explore this culture. In addition, you can also let your cousin show you their culture with a home cooked meal.

Without further ado, meet Samir, Samir is Columbian, Samir is now my favorite cousin.



I had the opportunity to find Samir at the matching party. Although we didn’t always get to see each other, it was still a blast getting to know him. Samir really delve into this culture and experienced everything. He traveled all over the country and has probably already been to more places here than me! He will definitely be missed, and I hope to be able to make a trip to Bogota some day to visit him.

About Me

It’s probably a little late to post this one even though it is my first blog post.. oops, but I still need to introduce myself..

Hello hello, my name is Ryan Quinonez. I am a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. I am majoring in Chemical Biosciences/pre-pa with a minor in Spanish. I was born in Oklahoma City, yeah nothing special. I love sports and I love the outdoors. I am an avid traveler; it doesn’t matter where I go whether it is to a different country or a different state, I love being brought to different surroundings. Being a global engagement fellow allows me to test my boundaries and comfort level. I have officially applied to my first two study abroad programs. Next summer I plan on studying in Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium through two summer abroad programs. After that I plan on spending about two weeks in Croatia with my family. For my sophomore year, I plan on either studying in Arezzo, Rio de Janeiro, or to take a voyage of a lifetime, Semester at Sea, if the price is right. After college, I am still undecided on if I want to take a gap year in-between my undergraduate and graduate school and just travel.. if my mom lets me. But if not I will go through grad school and hopefully become a Physician’s Assistant. Once I become a Physician’s Assistant I still plan to continue my abroad experiences and become even more globally engaged by either traveling the world, or doing bi-annual medical mission trips to any country in need. Well that is basically my career/life plan and hopefully you know a little about me.

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