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Month: May 2016

Impact on the World

You read about the current immigration crisis in Europe all the time. The refugee crisis poses a serious threat both to the welfare of the refugee and the different societies in Europe. In 2015, more than 1.5 million people have moved across Europe from the Syrian region. Many of these people face the inability to obtain aid, asylum, and integration. Providing these refugees would cause political instability. These refugees have been fleeing Syria since 2011 and there has yet to be a viable solution to help and achieve solidarity.

First and most importantly would be finding a way to secure the Syria/Turkey border. This is leading a gateway straight to Europe. If you secure the border, the refugees that are fleeing the war will have a right for complete asylum. Next would be to find a place for the 160,000 refugees in Italy and Greece. But that means there needs to be a faster asylum process to relocate them. Finally, Europe needs to find a way to contain the unsafe and unstable Eastern Europe. There is no reason for these immigrants to make an unsafe and hazardous journey to Central and Western Europe just to escape the unbearable conditions in their own country.

Intro to the Epitome of Evil

Eric Sundby gave an insightful presentation over “the rise of the third reich”. The Third Reich, also known as Nazi Germany, is what Germany was called from 1933-1945 under the control of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. This presentation was about how Germany rose to power after the economy was in decline after World War I.

After World War I, every country blamed Germany for the war and they soon started to go into serious debt. In 1932, 30% of the population of Germany was unemployed. Hitler then developed a plan to be a part of Soviet Russia. Since the people were in despair and most of Germany was under poverty, they liked the idea. This led to Hitler being appointed Chancellor. After the President of Germany died, Hitler then combined both the chancellor and president and became the ruler of Germany. Once he began to rule, he convinced the Reichstag, which is Germany’s Congress, that when Germany is threatened, they would transfer all the powers to him. Hitler had seized absolute power. This ultimately ended up causing World War II and the Holocaust.

This presentation was very interesting. Being a World War II fanatic, it was insightful learning new history and recent evidence into the Third Reich and how Hitler gained absolute power.

Global Engagement Day

This years GEF day was a success. It allowed for questions that I was curious about to get answered from different perspectives. Attending the “stand out abroad” seminar was very interesting. It included a female who went to Tanzania and ended up getting proposed to multiple times. In contrary, another girl who was part hispanic went to Italy and said she felt even less of a minority than in the United States. To hear about all the experiences of being abroad was very insightful and eye opening.

What impressed me the most, was learning about other student’s encounters while abroad. Even if two students were in the same country, they still had different experiences. For the most part, most of the people had normal abroad encounters but it was intriguing when things — didn’t go as planned. It was nice to hear about their adventures and apply their tips for a better study abroad experience.

More Than an Organization

OU cousins is more than just an organization, it’s a family. Over the year, being a part of OU Cousins has allowed me to first hand experience different cultures while not being abroad. Learning about other cultures is very fascinating. Although this semester I didn’t have a cousin, it was almost more rewarding going to all the OU Cousin events and making new friends beyond my cousin and having those new connections, especially for the international students. Attending the BBQ was a great experience. I loved seeing the international students attempting to line dance, even if they didn’t know how to. That’s one goal I want to set when I study abroad. I want to go outside my comfort zone even if I make a fool out of myself. That’s one of the great things about OU Cousins, it creates a more diverse university, which is a vital aspect in today’s society.


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