Weekend 2: Brussels

After some last minute planning, me, Trace, Emily and Steve (we lost Emily and gained Steve for this trip) were off to Brussels. It was one of our only full weekends and we decided to venture out of Italy.

Although this is a city you can see in one or two days (not 3!), it was definitely my cup of tea. Belgium is known for waffles, fries and beer, the perfect trio. Delirium cafe is a must stop on anyones visit to Brussels, it holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most beer available on tap. After 3 nights of going there, I didn’t even make a dent in drinking all the beers. My favorite was the Delirium Red, it is a kriek beer infused with cranberry’s and is a must try. Also try Trappist beer which is also famous in Belgium (I’m not sure if i’m allowed to talk about beer on here, but you can’t go to Belgium and beer not be a subject of discussion).

Fries, oh my, Belgium fries otherwise known as frites are the greatest invention ever made. Frite Land was a restaurant that sold just fries and for a cheap price. I could have eaten there for every meal while I was there and frankly, I think I did. (ps get samurai sauce)

The first day we were there we did a Sandeman’s tour of Brussels to get a footing of the city. Our tour guide was amazing, funny and very helpful if we had questions. We learned about the city, the history, and culture of Belgium. He also showed us some local spots to go to.

Weekend 3: Abetone

This wasn’t exactly the best trip I took in Europe but it was a learning experience for sure. Abetone is a ski town in Tuscany, yes I said Tuscany. It was surprisingly a pretty large mountain, but the conditions were very poor. The elevation isn’t exactly ideal so it rained instead of snowed. Since I didn’t brink my snowboarding gear with me, I had to settle with cheap gloves, sweatpants, a parka for a jacket, and no goggles!!! – not exactly the best snowboarding gear. Due to bad weather and insane wind speeds, only 2 lifts were open. If you’ve ever been snowboarding in the rain, you know it’s miserable. The rain soaked my sweatpants and parka and I was freezing the whole time but I still didn’t let that ruin my experience. Halfway through the day it started getting colder and even windier. The top of the mountain was a blizzard, the bottom of the mountain was a hurricane. Being an avid snowboarder and going with girls who had never skied before, it didn’t go so well. We were in the middle of the blizzard and these two girls couldn’t get down the toughest part of the run. After what felt like 5 hours (actually 2), we finally made it down the mountain and back to the airbnb. When we arrived … no electricity. No electricity meant no heat. Nonetheless, we decided to pack up early and head home. On the bus ride home, of course I would manage to leave my jacket on the bus which contained my eyeglasses, and half my money. RIP glasses. It was definitely the nail in the coffin.

Weekend 5: Pisa

Unfortunately due to some family issues I had to return home for a week. However, when I returned a group of us went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was only a day trip and we only spent a couple hours in Pisa but it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. The rest of the weekend I walked around Arezzo and tried to experience as much as I could of this amazing city that I wish I would have spent more time in.