Italian olive oil Рa taste that confirms my best and worst suspicions. I am appalled by its complexity but yet even more appalled by how olive oil is still in business. Due to its strange buttery texture with minimal taste and a strange bitterness, olive oil has never been my favorite ingredient. However, in class we tasted a variety of different olive oils that ranged from strong bitter to mild bitter, strong intensity of flavor to mild intensity of flavor, and a strong aroma to mild aroma.

The four olive oils tasted were: Agricole Dioscesane, Buccia Nera, Conad and Tenute di Fraternita. The first oil tasted was Conad. The Conad olive oil had a medium bitter taste but did not taste acidic. The bitterness caused a little burn at the back of the throat. It had a medium intensity with a buttery texture paired with a mild aroma. The next oil tasted was Agricole Dioscesane. Agricole Dioscesane had a mild bitterness, a strong¬†intense flavor of green pepper or black pepper, and medium aroma. The third oil tasted was Buccia Nera. This was Dr. Haltermann’s and I’s favorite olive oil because of the medium bitterness and medium aroma along with a strong, intense, and fruity flavor. The last oil tasted was the Tenute di Fraternita. This oil was very different from the other oils because it was darker and had a strong aroma. Also it was very bitter, acidic and had a strong and intense green pepper flavor.

In conclusion, with olive oil, you really do get what you paid for.