In the early days of November, I attended a discussion panel about the foreign policies of each candidate running for the 2016 election. The next US president will face a vast amount of international issues, including the turmoil throughout the Middle East (especially in Syria, specifically Aleppo), Russia including all the conspiracy theories that affect international security, trade deals with China, and the controversy of the Iran nuclear deal.

ISIS: Each issue has serious outcomes which can greatly affect the future of our great nation. One big challenge would include how to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS). However, Trump remains silent on his plan to defeat ISIS and instead wants the element of surprise.

Russia: Trump has the idea of creating an alliance with Russia, which will help ease tensions in Syria. Trump and President Putin have a close relationship and close ties with each others top advisers.

China: The US and China have always had a complicated relationship. Trump believes China is a currency manipular, in which he would crack down on hacking and threaten the Chinese government to rewrite trade agreements or start using steep tariffs on goods. In addition, Trump would add military presence in the South China Sea to deter Chinese territorial claims to different islands in the region. Also, he would make rules stricter against Chinese subsidies to boost exports. Finally he would oppose Trans-pacific Partnership between 12 countries throughout the pacific ocean.

With many Americans worried, any miscalculation on any of the these foreign pressure points could have combustible consequences.