At the beginning of your studying abroad adventure, you’re hit with constant highs. Everything you do is exciting, new and fresh. Then, all of a sudden, you’re hit with the lows. You’re experiencing something thrilling and incredible, but why do you want to be at home, sleeping in your own bed while watching Netflix. These moments are a part of everyone’s abroad experiences.

Homesickness. Friends, family, girlfriends, and of course the pets are all missed. Yes, they may come visit, but as soon as they leave, you realize you won’t see them for another two months. In many countries, and especially Italy, the food is the same everywhere you go. Pizza, pasta, and more pizza, that’s all there is for the most part. A greasy burger is no where to be found. And water? Why do I have to pay for water every time I go eat? It’s these little, frustrating things that can bring any experience down. But the highs. The highs are what get you through it all. Island hopping, flying to a city you’ve never gone before, meeting new people, new cultures, these are the experiences that make it all worth it.